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1.- I love My husband, my kids and my family but God is over and above for me.

2 - I'm in a dedicated realtionship with my husband, and miss him
terribly I wish he would find a job closer so we could be together
more. I realize that I want him to be more loving and affectionate
toward me, not thinking that maybe I need to be more loving and
affectionate toward him

3 - I dont like ignorant people especially when they go out of their
way to make absolutely sure everyone knows they are ignorant.
"All joking aside" I have been learning about not being critical of others and I suppose this falls under that category. I dont know does ignorant and stupid belong in the same category?
Ok so how about I dont like haters ;o)

4 - I hate being late for anything, except getting up in the morning I can hit snooze 12 times easy! :0) I
hate to wait for people especially if it will make me late.
Yeah I still feel like this.

5.- I am not a morning person, I usually dont go to bed until 3am (Which technically I think makes me a morning person lol) partially cause I dont start getting tired until then, I wait until I
start getting drowsey before hitting the pillows...

6.-People say that you learn patience when you have kids, I think I am more impatient and they test my patience daily...I still love them anyway
Now having my sons living away from me and missing hugging them and being able to just reach over and touch them can it possibly be that there is another person out there that will give them the love they need like a mom can?

7.- The biggest lesson I have learned so far being married is
tolerance, I keep praying that God makes my husband the man I need,
then I realize am I the wife he needs? The more I think we're different
and completely opposite the more I think we're perfect for each other!!
"Baby Steps, Just baby Steps!"

8 - I am an animal person to the core, I think it could border an
addiction because I like to care for something that cant talk back,
wont rebel and wont reject me, That being said deep down I truely have
a compassion for animals and if I could would have a rescue. The animals that top my
list German Shepherds, pomeranians, fish, "Ok who am I kidding if I didnt suffer from allergies and I think that the good Lord knew what he was doing when he made me with these issues because I would own a zoo if I didnt have asthma and allergies!! ;o) and if I had some land
horses. I see hunters that have shot albino deer or bears and it sickens me that they
for sport would kill for a "TROPHY!"
8a. The ideal place to live would be in a big Valley between two big mountains in a meadow surrounded by trees next to a lake minimum 20 acres max 100 acres and I would invite all my friends to come build their dream homes there and we would have our own little piece of paradise!!

9.- I am comfortable in many environments, I can stay home cuddle watch
a movie and eat popcorn with the family, and I am comfortable getting
up getting dressed up and going to a fine restaurant, I am comfortable
grabbing fast food and going bowling, walking in the park and going to
the movies.
I think that I could add dancing too the mix ;o)

10.- I love being a wife and a mom!!! I take pride in how I treat my
friends, and I do believe in my heart that I do the best to my ability
to be kind and loving and compassionate to everyone.
I am completely blessed in the new church I attend the people there are soo real and amazing I love them all!!! God knew what he was doing when he led me there!!!

11.- When I was a child I never said I want to grow up and do hair, yet
I was always creative and imaginative and this career enables me to
utilize these abilities. I wanted to be a secondary english teacher or
a veterinarian when I was a child, I think again utilizing my talents
too, and when I think about it Doing hair also utilizes my GIFTS!!!!!!
Counseling and teaching ;0) Nothing happens by accident!!

12.- I collect pens, keychains, business cards, makeup, and kids!! I
love lights, lava lamps mist lamps, fountains, black lights, neon
lights, christmas lights, aquariums, things that glisten and sparkle,
animals that are black and white like zebras, orcas, penguins, and
pandas. I like Birds of prey especially the osprey, Dolphins, and
wolves and foxes especially the arctic wolf and fox. I like parrots my
fav is the hyacinth, big cats especially white tigers and cheetahs. I
like snakes especially the anuristic axanthic python morph, dendrobate
frogs, vivariums, orchids, and lilies, viney plants like English ivy,
the dodge ram extended cab pickup, the dodge intrepid, The Nissan Murano
the canon rebel xti and my new hp entertainment laptop. I love Karaoke
and surround sound, I love seafood and waterfalls. I also like angels,
fairies, dragons, crystals cause they're pretty, geodes, and black
light reactive paint and minerals, I like things that glow in the dark
and anything that has to do with rainbows and colors!!!

13.- I was born and raised in Las Vegas and for the longest time I
honestly dont like it here, I love the rain and thunderstorms!! My
ideal place to live would be in a mountain pass somewhere miles from
civilization surrounded by trees and mountainns right on a lake. Where
theres only one way in and one way out. With about 100acres for all my
animals and my garden...of coarse with electricity plumbing and the
internet ;0) (goodness you'd think I could spell or at least proof read this before posting LOL)
"Oops guess I said this already HAHA!"

14 - I love to travel by car so I can see the different scenery and my
favorite things are places away from big cities the mountains, forests,
fields and waterfalls etc!!!

15.- I like some change and there's some things I'd prefer to stay the of the biggest disappointments for me was when I was younger
we used to always get together as a family for the holidays
Thanksgiving and Christmas and after my parents left Las Vegas things
changed this year was the first year I cooked the whole thanksgiving
dinner myself, Christmas will be just me my husband and my kids......
:'o( "I am sorry not all change is good"
12/14/09 I posted this in March and here it is December and I guess I forgot I cooked Thanksgiving myself last year and I did it again this year and it's sad but this year my parents were here and my brother but my sons and sister weren't!!!!

16.- My heart goes out to the children that are alone, that are hungry,
that are angry, sad for any reason, for the ones that are depressed,
the ones that are in emotional and physical pain, these are things
children should never feel, I think I would have a foster home with 1000
kids if I didnt have an issue with patience, and if I could learn to be
consistent with my own kids. Abortion is killing thousands of innocent
babies, this hurts my heart more than all of the above put together I
often wonder which of these innocent babies would have found the cure
for cancer was another Albert Einstein or Beethoven???
I guess it's a good thing I'm not God...Thankfully those are some HUGE!!! Shoes to fill!!!

17. - I love camping, hiking, sledding, horse back riding, training
dogs, driving, decorating, keeping house plants, I like singing,
drawing, writing and dancing, and I like computers, mp3 players the
internet, digital cameras and many aspects of the world of ART!!

18.- I get sooo many great ideas things I would like to invent or develop just need the funds LOL the story of my life ;0)

19 - My favorite movies are The sound of music, white christmas, annie,
phantom of the opera, the adams family, beetlejuice, and the mummy. I
like most any kind of humor if its funny I will laugh at it, unless its
at the expense of someones feelings, crude humor (to me isnt funny at

20.- I am a deep thinker, I often think in depth about a great many
things usually tipped off by something I heard recently, saw, read, or
I especially think a lot about things depending on what is playing on the radio I soo love Music!

21 - I like aromatherapy, shampoos, learning about plants and flowers
my favorite scents are cinnamon spicey scents that are similar to apple
pie spices, pumpkin pies spices, eucalyptus, pine, vanilla, sandalwood,
plumeria, apple, cucumber, coconut, and nut scents

Adding woodsy smells, and this fragrance by Victoria Secret called Pink Fresh and Clean smells like Apples and lilies YUMMY!! I also like the pear berry and sweet pea scents from bath and body works and if you like a fresh clean smell mix their cucumber melon with their apple!!! ;0)
There was a scent of some body wash I had once years ago from them called Juniper berry I loved that and the gingerbread spice lotion and the vanilla noel, and the vanilla spice from the body shop which you can layer under sandalwood or any fresh floral scent!

22. - I am intelligent, witty, creative, imaginative, artistic, and very talented,
My spiritual gifts are perceiver, exhorter, and teacher! ("HMM wonder what would be a perfect job for me?!")

23 - I like honesty dont sugar coat it I might not like the truth or
even want to hear it but I can handle the truth. If you feel the need
to talk about me behind my back I dont have a problem with this just
means you are leaving someone else alone I am glad you think I am
important enough to talk about :0) I am probably guilty although I do
try to not talk about people behind their backs I try to tell them directly how I feel.

24 - I like to do laundry but I dont like to fold and put it away same with dishes,
I dont like to make my bed, I do find my self mopping, dusting things
and vacuuming a lot. I dont like homes that are soo perfect they dont
look lived in, my home looks over lived in LOL I dont consider myself
lazy I consider myself a procrastinator. Case in point I started to
read many books I just havent finished many books....including my
bible. (working on this one!! ;o) ))

25 - My favorite TV shows are american idol, dancing with the stars,
are you smarter than a 5th grader, dont forget the lyrics, deal or no
deal, its me or the dog and animal cops, america's got talent, add Glee!!

26 - I am horribly inconsistent, I have no idea how to make a routine,
I am horrible at budgeting money, I am not selfish, I am giving, and
loving and extremely gullible and I am finding somewhat naive. This
doesnt mean I am stupid or ignorant

27 -I try to do the right things, I always seem to fall short, I think
the things I feel guiltiest about are the reasons why I eat and spend
money I get soo depressed that I dont do the things I am supposed to
do. The things that people say are the things that make good mothers
and good wives, why is it that it seems the harder you try the more you
seem to fail? Thank God for grace!

28 - I love words and I love music, I like all kinds of music and I
find that if I am angry or irritated singing to the radio calms me
down, I also find that if I am arguing with someone I need to be doing
some thing with my hands.
I started to do these writing exercises and drawing more expressively and I am liking what I see!!

29 - I am not much of a sports person I like to watch figure skating
and gymnastics, I do like to bowl and swim and play baseball, is
dancing a sport? LOL

30 - I wasn't much for learning and school when I was younger and now I
wish I had been, although I did learn enough had I applied myself I
could have learned more, I like learning things especially words or
things about animals and love, all aspects of love feelings and
relationships, if I can get over procrastinating someday I think I'll
write a book or two.

31.- One of the most interesting and influential people I ever learned
about was a news anchorman that traveled the world, he did all these
things in his life time sort of a bucket list type of experiences all
these things were impressive but not substantial to me until he said he
wrote sheet music for a symphony with a cello solo (for one of the top
cello artists in the world) to do something like that is amazing
because you need to write music for all the instruments as well as have
them harmonizing together, I remember thinking I will probably never do
everything he's done or even come close but what I can do is try to
better myself and accomplish some things so I can pass these things on
as a legacy to my kids.
Maybe this would be my bucket list!

32 - I think that one reason I am not fond of exercising is I dont
like getting sweaty, and I am not fond of running or the idea of
exercising, I do however like the idea of dancing as exercise
and I think I'd be more physically active
if I lived somewhere that didn't get
so hot and had some aesthetic value so I would want to get out of the
house and explore the world around me
I also like to swim I think thats great exercise!!

33 - I think about if I could go back be a child again is there things
I would change, would I do anything different, and I say I think I
would do some things different and the outcome be different and I often
wonder about if I were this way or that way, but then my down to earth
personality takes over and I think NO I wouldnt change a thing because
its the choices I made and the experiences I had that caused me to be
the person I am today and even though I might not have a perfect life
it IS my life and I love my husband, my family (no matter how
dysfunctional) and my friends.

34.-I like random acts of kindness, I don't like rude people,
inconsiderate people, judgeMENTAL people, liars, theives, and I dont
like when you get a glimpse into the heart of a person and because of
something they say or do you see as UGLY!!

35.- My favorite holiday is christmas the sparklies the lights, baby
Jesus and the nativity, and the greatest gift I could never relate and
even though I am a mother the amount of love, compassion, and
understanding that Mary had to have being chosen with the
responsibility of raising the son of God!!!
WOW did I forget Halloween I also like halloween you can dress up and get CANDY!! YUMM CHOCOLATE!! But more or less I love the decorations the glowing lights and eyes and the cats and creepy crawly things this is the one day that you can be anything that you want to be!!! ;O))

36.- I would like to go to Australia and to Scotland to see the
castles I think it would be great to live in a castle so medieval!!! I
like the whole gypsy and belly dancer costume things.

Last of all I am so very thankful that I was raised in a christian home
with christian parents its soo difficult to look at the positive things
and not focus on the negative even though it seems like so much was
negative and sometimes I wish I wasnt because you are accountable for
what you know, and I know a lot, but if I wasnt raised in a Christian
home I might not have the sense to find the Lord and or even reject the
truth, so then I think I am grateful because I do know the truth and
there is nothing absolutely nothing more important than Jesus. Sure I
may stumble, I may fall, I might even land smack on my face, but the
grace and mercy and love of GOD is reason enough to say THANK YOU LORD
FOR CREATING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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United States
I love German Shepherds

I am 38 and have red hair and have had for about 16 years, blue eyes, I am married to a great man a truck driver, We've been married for 6 years! I have 5 WONDERFUL children Ages 19-5, 2 boys and 3 girls, I have a german shepherd named Aramis, and one named Oona and my new blue and silver/cream LC baby Faith, I like to sing, draw, write and dance, I am a licensed stylist my specialties are fades, color, hilights, perms and updos. I also like doing makeup.

Current Residence: Las Vegas
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Print preference: Whatever
Favourite genre of music: All kinds(except acid metal, hard core, rock and rap, opera and some kinds of jazz)
Favourite photographer: Me ;o)
Favourite style of art: Art Nouveau, Contemperary, Modern
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iphone/android/ipad
Shell of choice: Abilone
Wallpaper of choice: depends on mood
Skin of choice: Snow Leopard
Favourite cartoon character: Disney Fairies/Eeyor

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